Sprachressourcenportal Österreichs

Beziehungen und Umgang mit anderen Menschen

Sich selbst vorstellen - Introducing yourself

FormalHello, my name is Jerry Statler. How do you do?

How do you do? I am Conrad Waldorf.

Neutral/professionalHello, I am Jerry Statler. Good to meet you.And you. I'm Conrad Waldorf.
InformalHi, I'm Jerry, how are you?I'm Conrad, nice to meet you.


Andere vorstellen - Introducing others

FormalMr Statler, may I introduce Mr Waldorf to you? / Please allow me to introduce Mr Waldorf.Please do. Good evening, Mr Waldorf.
Neutral/professionalHello, Mr Statler. Have you met Conrad Waldorf?No, I haven't actually. Nice to meet you.
InformalHi, have you two met? This is Jerry.Hi Jerry, nice to meet you. I'm Conrad.


Culture tip: Introductions

Neither the question "How do you do?" (antiquated or extremely formal) nor, normally, the question "How are you?" is directly answered at first-time meetings.

Culture tip: Titles

Native speakers of English have little time for titles. For instance, the title “Doctor” is normally just given to a GP (not to specialists or dentists) as well as to scientists in certain contexts, but not to lawyers, for instance. For men, we use “Mr”, for women “Ms” [Miz]. Never introduce yourself with a title!